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The Student

  • Attends: St Leonard College
  • Best SAT scores:
    • MATH: 770
    • READING & WRITING: 720
    • TOTAL: 1490
  • Overall GPA: To be advised
  • Course of Study: Biochemistry, Health Sciences, Science
  • See below for Academic Reference

The Person

  • Emily is self-motivated and well respected by her peers and teachers. She is described as someone who is full of life, studious, determined, and committed to always doing her best.
  • She is a natural leader, leading by example and encouraging others to join in and be part of the team.
  • Emily is committed to participating in the community through her volunteer work with the Surf Life Saving.

Leadership Roles:

  • 2018 House sports captain
  • 2018 Cross Country captain
  • 2018 Track & Field Vice Captain
  • 2018 Senior school Touch Rugby captain
  • 2016 & 2017 Track & field and cross country captain

Community Involvement:

  • 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Hampton Lifesaving volunteer patrol
  • 2017 Bangladesh Dinner volunteer (raising money for a school inBangladesh)
  • 2016 Under 13 Netball coaching (volunteer)
  • 2015 St Leonard’s College travel to Cambodia – helped build a house in a Cambodian village
  • See link to School Character Reference below

The Athlete

  • Events:
    • 2km Steeplechase ALL State Champion- 7:28
    • 3km ALL State 7th place- 10:52
    • 1500m- 4:54
    • 800m- 2:22
  • Teams Represented:
    • 2018 & 2017 Team Victoria (All-State team) – track
    • 2018, 2017 & 2016 Sandringham (club) – cross country and track
    • Years 7-12 St Leonard’s College School team – cross country and track
  • See link below for Coach Reference
  • See link below for Student Athlete CV
  • Please view snapshot video below

A Word From Emily

“As an elite athlete whose speciality is in track, I seek to broaden my horizons and explore a global field in which to compete. Furthermore, I seek an academically enriched environment where I may optimise my learning. The notion of US College is particularly appealing, as it will enable me to extend and consolidate my athletic skills as well as the immersive and global environment of College life. As a strongly academic student, I believe that I will enrich your College as well as being a competitive and positive track team member.”


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