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About Us

Since 2004, families have placed their trust in Study & Play USA to guide them through this rewarding pathway. Highly regarded by coaches right across the USA, our expert team consists of former student-athletes, educators, coaches and parents who understand the importance of finding the right fit university for the student athlete.


Did you know, each year billions of dollars of scholarships are awarded to student-athletes across the world? These scholarships are more attainable than most people may realise. Study & Play USA have facilitated millions of dollars of scholarship, delivering customised outcomes for student-athletes from a broad of range of academic and sporting levels, across all divisions of competition including Ivy League, NCAA, NAIA and Junior College.

The Process

Consistent feedback from USA University coaches affirms that Study & Play USA’s student-athletes are the world’s most prepared recruits for collegiate life. This can be attributed to our globally recognised program, which takes a holistic approach to each family’s unique goals and requirements. Developed over several decades, the program provides student-athletes and their families with the focus, education, support and motivation to fulfil their academic and athletic potential.

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