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Our Partners

Robert Walters provides interactive support for ‘in college’ SPUSA student-athletes to best prepare themselves for their careers beyond their four year college experience through resume/interview preparation and developing a compelling personal profile.

Acceleration Australia provides highly accessible speed, agility and strength training for student-athletes to best prepare themselves for the rigour of training and competition in the USA and ongoing support for returning athletes in their breaks.

Revolution’s holistic and personalised approach to learning has been boosting student confidence, scores, and grades for more than 20 years. 

We have proudly partnered with Water Polo Australia with our aligned focus to provide
meaningful pathways to the USA collegiate system for Australian water polo families, setting themselves up to succeed academically, personally and in the pool.

Founded by former US College star student-athlete Dr Anthony Ross, MTT provides mental performance training pre, during and post competition for aspiring US college athletes and continues this support and industry leading guidance for ‘in-college’ student – athletes.

Founded by Rick Allen, former NCAA Compliance officer at several large USA colleges, Informed Athlete is our preferred US based consultant for complex eligibility athletic and academic matters.

Voyager Tennis Academy, in conjunction with The McDonald College, are proactive
supporters of the US college pathway for their pupils and we are proud of our longstanding partnership whereby dozens of Voyager graduates have embarked on the US college experience through our partnership.

The Inner Game Journal was created to help athletes understand themselves through daily assessment. Athletes will learn what their optimal routine is to improve their performance on field. 

Through our awesome collaboration with UK based The Student Sport Company, great
opportunities await those wanting to continue their overseas experience post US college to immerse themselves in the UK university system for graduate studies

Laurel Springs School is a highly trusted NCAA accredited online school, giving our student-athletes access certain subjects to ensure their eligibility for certain divisions of competition in the US college system.

Founded by American born Debbie Shively, Internationally Educated provides expert advice and guidance with the all important admissions and academic scholarship process for non-sport participation students looking to study in the USA.

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An Aussie's Transformative
US College Journey

By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates