SPUSA 20 years

Be Informed. Get Customised Advice. Then Decide.

Since 2004, families have placed their trust in Study & Play USA to guide them through this rewarding pathway. Highly regarded by coaches right across the USA, our expert team consists of former student-athletes, educators, coaches and parents who understand the importance of finding the right fit for the student-athlete.

The catalyst for the establishment of Study & Play USA was the life changing experience that founder Chris Bates enjoyed during his four year USA University journey. The positive outcomes from his experience ignited a passion for educating others about their own unique opportunities in the hope that more student-athletes can set themselves up for their best lives.


Upon his return to Australia, Chris and his wife Alexia have set about building a team of former student-athletes, teachers, coaches and mentors to develop their industry leading program designed to provide focus, education and support along the pathway to the USA. With the necessary care, the team customises the entire process for each individual family’s needs, which for some is a six year collaboration.

The success of this customised approach is evident in the fact that Study & Play USA facilitates millions of dollars annually in scholarship opportunity for young Australians to attend a broad selection of Universities – from some of the world’s most reputable Universities like Cal Berkeley, Princeton, UCLA and Dartmouth, to smaller, two-year Universities.


Contrary to all other tertiary systems across the world, there really is a University opportunity for athletes and students of varying levels in the unique USA University system. For Study & Play USA, it’s not just the opportunity that we are passionate about. It’s about providing pastoral care support for the whole journey, both here during high school and through to University graduation for our student-athletes. It’s also about long term outcomes.


Some of our University graduates are excelling as Olympians, Wall Street traders, teachers, engineers, doctors, pharmacists and even US University coaches.

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An Aussie's Transformative
US College Journey

By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates