SPUSA 20 years

Claire Mulligan


Playing sport since she could walk, Claire has lived half her life in America and half her life in Australia.


Loving a variety of sports, Claire ultimately had to choose one to focus on and that was soccer. She went through the entire college soccer recruiting process in the US as a high school student but was driven to follow a once in a lifetime opportunity to use her Australian passport to attend the University of Queensland, where her parents met living on campus.


Claire played high level soccer while living in Australia with students from all over the world. Many soccer related surgeries later, Claire has hung up her football boots.


She is dedicated to helping eager Australian high school students understand the differences between the level of sport in America and Australia. Claire loves chatting with US coaches from all sports and assisting families to find each student’s right fit.


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An Aussie's Transformative
US College Journey

By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates