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This is a question you might be asking yourself as you start to look to the future, and what an exciting question it is!

Yet, exciting as it is, it can also be a little daunting. You start to doubt leaving home? Or if you can get a scholarship? Or will you even enjoy it?

At Study and Play USA we wanted to go over a few of the questions you might be asking yourself and give you our insights to help you start to feel a little more comfortable with the thought of studying in America.

Let’s begin….

Is it a good launch pad into professional sports?

If you desire to pursue your sport professionally, going to college in the USA absolutely gives you every opportunity to do so. The facilities at the majority of colleges are second to none, the training schedule is as intense as you want it to be, and coaches are very supportive of athletes wishing to continue their sport beyond graduation.

In fact, one of Study & Play USA’s student–athletes in recent years was granted leave from University to compete in National Championships back in Australia and even the Olympic Games representing Australia.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

You can do so if you wish. However, the danger with attempting this process by yourself is that much of the process may be able to be completed, but it only takes one error or oversight in paperwork for you to miss out or run out of time, affecting your eligibility to compete in college sports.

Many applicants come to Study & Play USA having attempted the process on their own having hit a ‘brick wall’ in the process. It is unfortunate for those who have given up on such a great opportunity due to these obstacles turning them off.

For this reason, engaging Study & Play USA to facilitate and guide you through the process gives you peace of mind and a wealth of experience to call upon at every turn of the process

How do I know if I qualify? Am I good enough?

The best way to find this out is to contact us, and we will provide for you an obligation free academic and athletic assessment. These assessments provide you with definitive feedback that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether this pathway is for you.

Who contacts the coaches?

The benefit of Study & Play USA speaking with coaches is that coaches in the USA would rather obtain information on potential recruits from reputable services such as Study and Play USA. As Study & Play USA is in regular communication with coaches in the USA, we are aware of where the opportunities are available for any given level.

We put you in touch with the appropriate coaches according to your level, your needs and availability of scholarship.

How will I know if I will enjoy it?

Nothing is ever certain, BUT we have hundreds of students who have said a scholarship to the USA has been the best decision of their life. It’s not just about education and sports, it’s also about making life long friends and being part of experiences that will stay with you for life. If you are a person who is adventurous, loves the fun parts of life and wants to so something out of the ordinary – then we are very confident that you will enjoy it!

Still not convinced? Why not read some of the testimonials from those who have been there and experienced it all? Click here to read

Here at Study and Play USA – we are always happy to answer any questions you might have, so don’t hold back – drop us a line today and let’s get your adventure started! 

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By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates