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Have You Been Invited To A Come & Try Day? Read This First!

Have You Been Invited to a US College Come & Try or Evaluation Day? (not to be confused with ID camps, or Camps in the USA where coaches are present). 

If the answer to this question is YES, this blog provides a word of caution.

If the answer to this question is NO, do not worry. There is no way to ‘try out’ for a US college scholarship

Athletes are often drawn to these events through carefully worded marketing  ‘invitations’ or  ‘selections’. However in reality, US College coaches are not looking at how you perform at one event, therefore neither do we here at Study & Play USA. 

Being recruited on scholarship to the USA is about taking the time to understand variables that are unique to you including:

  • How long have you been playing your sport?
  • What teams have you represented?
  • Your athletic trajectory over a long period of time
  • Access to high level competitive video footage
  • Your character
  • Your communications skills
  • Your organisational skills

And that is just on the athletic and personal side! Remembering in the US, you will be a student-athlete, therefore there is an entire academic eligibility side of this pathway that is reviewed from grade 9 that will have an equal impact on where you could go and compete in the US collegiate system.

Understanding what the US College pathway could look like for you is far more intricate that seeing how you compete on one set day.  This is why we offer an initial meeting with one of our recruiting specialists where we discuss all of these important things in detail so that we can give you a clear picture of what US College could look like for you athletically, academically and financially.

Contact us today and talk to one of our recruitment specialists. 

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By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates