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5 Reasons to Row, Study & Play in the USA

A rowing race is one of the most physically demanding and rewarding in the world of sport.  It’s also generally understood that an American education is among the best in the world. The chance to combine two opportunities is one of the motivations behind why so many Australian students choose America as their ideal destination to study abroad on a rowing scholarship.

Here are some considerations for you to ponder…

This sport is a complete body workout

One of the main benefits of rowing is improved fitness. Rowing is a total body workout, using all of the body’s major muscle groups (arms, legs, back, abdomen, and buttocks) making rowing a superb aerobic and resistance training conditioner. Rowers have also recorded some of the greatest lung capacities, the highest VO2 maximums and the highest tolerance to the buildup of lactate. Rowing is a low impact sport and conditioning your body to high intensity exercise ensures your muscles have memory on how to be used for the rest of your life.

Builds mental resilience

This is one of the primary reasons that rowing is one of the toughest sports, physically as well as mentally. In most other sports, there are breaks in between matches where athletes can switch in and out of games. In rowing, no matter what happens during the race, you must keep going. It requires absolute focus, concentration and mental toughness.  

Multi-season sport

The typical rowing calendar in America is split into 3 seasons; Fall, Winter, and Spring. During Fall (Autumn), teams are primarily focused on building strength and endurance. During the Winter season, crews normally train indoors on ergos and with weights. Winter conditioning is generally very intense, intended to prepare rowers for the fierce competition of the spring racing season. Spring races are normally sprints with heats and finals. Crews don’t normally race during the summer, so it’s not considered part of the official rowing season. Summer provides a great opportunity to  explore the country while you’re there!

Builds core values you’ll take with you for the rest of your life

Rowing is a team sport that instills unique qualities. It prepares you for hard, unrelenting, exhausting work, and teaches you the disciplines and virtues attached to that; including dedication, sacrifice, courage and selflessness. The majority of the time you are rowing in a team and you can’t train in certain boats if you don’t have everyone there – this is one of the reasons that rowing is often seen as the ultimate team sport.

Incredible education

Some of the most distinguished universities in the US offer rowing scholarships. Harvard, Yale, Princeton… just to name a few. And a college degree makes for broader global opportunities for graduates. For Australian students, University at home is often considered a purely educational experience. In Australia, the inclusive, interactive culture that we associate with US colleges makes the American pathway increasingly appealing. The opportunity to live on campus, connect with students and professors on a personal level, and engage in campus sporting culture and social activities is a particularly inviting quality for Australian students.

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