Welcome Talent Co-ordinator Conor Byrne

Graduating from Iona University in New York, Conor Byrne has recently completed his own US College pathway. It was at Iona where Conor received his BBA in Business Analytics & Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in the MBA program, and represented the school captaining the Rugby team.

Growing up in Brisbane, Conor began his college pathway with Study & Play USA in Grade 10 to pursue a college degree and play rugby. Through this process and living the experience Conor has learnt about the ins and out of the system and what it takes to be a Student-Athlete. Even in his time in the United States, Conor had helped his team recruit both in the US and internationally, gaining key insights on both ends.

Having been on both sides of the process, Conor is now excited to help Student-Athletes in their own journey to the United States pursuing a degree and competing in their respective sports. Understanding the importance of finding the right fit, Conor is eager to help families understand their best offers and what it takes to pursue their goals.

Contact Conor to discuss your US College pathway options today! 

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An Aussie's Transformative
US College Journey

By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates