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Athlete Profile: Isabelle Robinson

Isabelle Robinson

Uni: Wayne State
Start Date: August 2018
Sport: Rugby

What are you most looking forward to about going to College?

I am most looking forward to meeting my room mates, making new friends and meeting the girls in the rugby team. I am also looking forward to starting classes, getting to know my coach and people in my dorm as well as the campus.

Based on your experiences so far, what do you think is most exciting about the athletic structure at the College?

The most exciting thing about the athletic college structure is the opportunity to travel, as well as the amazing gear we are given. I am looking forward to the start of training with the team and using the facilities and support provided by the coaches, my family and friends. Given the amazing resources provided at the college –  I hope I can accomplish everything possible whilst studying!

Why did you choose this pathway over staying in Australia?

I decided to choose the USA pathway over staying in Australia because when my family and I went overseas to America for holidays, I really enjoyed the culture. You see colleges in all the movies and I liked the look of them – what an achievement in life!

I also didn’t know what I wanted to study post high-school and the American college pathway has given me the opportunity to study core-subjects for the first two years in my minor degree then in my final two years, I complete further subjects which give me my major degree. It just gives you more flexibility.

How have you found the process of talking to coaches?

The process of talking to coaches can be long and puzzling, however the information that each coach gives you is interesting and makes it tough, yet exciting, challenge to pick a college.

What is your intended area of study

I don’t know fully yet what I would like to study but it will definitely involve sport in some form.

What part of the process do you think has required the most guidance?

I needed guidance during the entire process! The initial phase was probably the hardest where you have to contact coaches over a very difficult time difference!

What advice do you have for other student-athletes who are considering this pathway?

If you are willing to commit to a life changing experience, go for it! It will be such a fun, exciting time in your life.

Love the sport you do, take a chance, and just enjoy the entire experience. The start can be hard work, but the result is an amazing reward!

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