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Mar 1, 2018 – Denver, CO: The Rugger’s Edge and Study & Play USA are proud to continue their partnership for 2018. “As the popularity of studying and playing rugby in the U.S. continues to grow, working with a company like Study and Play USA was a natural next step for The Rugger’s Edge,” Karen Fong Donoghue, founder of The Rugger’s Edge said

“As a small, boutique advisement firm that prides itself on providing high-quality, individualized attention for my families, it would be impossible to provide the same quality of care to many more Australian families, especially due to the difference in time zones. Working with Study & Play USA ensures that those families are educated about our process and ensures their placements are truly the best fit for all. Study and Play USA has proven to be a trusted partner. We are so pleased with the level of advisement they have provided to their families and we look forward to continuing to collaborate for many years to come.”

Chris Bates, Talent Director of Study & Play USA is excited to continue collaborating with The Rugger’s Edge to provide the best advice for his students and families in Australia.“The opportunity for Australian rugby players to pursue their athletic and academic dreams in the US Collegiate System is the absolute opportunity of a lifetime. We are proud to be working with Karen to help Aussie rugby players have their best 4 year College experience both in the classroom and on the field. In our first year of collaboration, we have developed strong ties with several rugby programs, large and small, for student-athletes with varying budgets, playing levels and academic goals”

The fruits of the Rugger’s Edge & Study & Play USA partnership are exemplified in the sample of success stories from 2017/2018:

  • Patrick Meagher – from Sunshine Coast, Australia to Arkansas State University
  • Harry Masters – from Sunshine Coast, Australia to University of Mary Washington
  • Riley Kerr- from Queensland, Australia to University of Arizona
  • Seb Field – from Sydney, Australia to University of Arizona
  • Tom Hogan – from Brisbane, Australia to Arkansas State University

About The Rugger’s Edge:

The Rugger’s Edge (www.RuggersEdge.com) is the only college advising company in the world that focuses on the unique needs of rugby players. With our help, student-athletes are able to increase their chances of admission, recruitment, and scholarship to their choice colleges. With an intimate knowledge of the landscape of U.S. collegiate rugby and how athletic recruiting applies to college admissions, The Rugger’s Edge offers aspiring collegiate student-athletes sound advice to help reach the child’s goals and fulfill the family’s needs. If you would like more information please call (858) 880-7325 or email [email protected]

About Study and Play USA:

We provide the knowledge, experience, expertise and genuine care for student-athletes to choose their life journey – traveling to the USA to live, play, learn, compete, study, grow and develop in a purpose fit University environment. Our student-athletes’ families learn from us how to navigate the admissions, enrollment, visa and eligibility stages of this process. Together we build student-athlete profiles; contact coaches; discuss the exciting options, all in a safe, comforting and supportive environment. Visit Website If you would like more information, please contact Chris Bates, Talent Director [email protected] via email or at the website https://www.studyandplayusa.com.au/

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By Study & Play Director, Chris Bates