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The final whistle blows and just like that, USA Rugby ticks another box along the way to being considered a ‘rugby nation’- a legitimate global force in the game they play in heaven.

This month’s World Rugby 7s’ Championships had the USA written all over it before it even started. Hosted in Vegas, it celebrated all that is great about the game- the colour, music, atmosphere, fan engagement. But we have known this for a while now. Rugby is growing in the land of stars and stripes. There is interest and intrigue within the USA about a game that involves teamwork, skill and toughness…without helmets.

Even before this month, there is proof that USA Rugby’s rise is being monitored with interest from afar.  Season after season we are seeing exponential increases in promising rugby players from our part of the world, down under, seeing the USA as a perfect destination to continue tertiary studies whilst playing rugby.

After this win, you can bet that this intrigue surrounding USA Rugby’s rise can and will ‘go global’. You see, to win this type of event requires speed, skill and belief and the last frontier- consistency.

The US Eagles consistently showed they have the speed, athleticism, and rugby smarts in this form to be the best.

Down here in Australia, you can bet that hundreds of rugby playing high schoolers were watching this month’s tournament with more than a bit of interest. The dream of living in the USA, playing their part in the development of rugby in a nation on the rise and getting an invaluable education, in a literal and experiential sense, continues to shape the planning of more and more young Australians.

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Photo Credit: USA Rugby Sevens Facebook

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