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How to Maximise Your Scholarship Opportunities in America

You have been chatting with coaches and the topic of scholarship comes up… now what? How can you best maximise your scholarship opportunities? Depending on the division, you may have already discussed athletic scholarship and academic scholarship with the coach. However, there are other less obvious ways to maximise your scholarship.

Hop onto the school’s website and look under financial aid. American universities are not shy in detailing their scholarships available. Scholarships can range from alumni donating substantial amounts of money for future students to undergraduate degree-specific scholarships. The biggest myth is these scholarships are only available for US citizens. Many scholarships listed on a university’s website are US citizens only, but keep browsing and you should be able to find scholarships you can apply for.  

Scholarships Available at many Universities

  • GPA Specific Scholarship
    Students must maintain a certain grade point average in university to keep this scholarship
  • Leadership Scholarship
    Write an essay detailing your leadership accomplishments in your high school and your community 
  • Undergraduate Degree Specific Scholarship
    Write an essay providing background to the university as to why you want to study this degree, what you are hoping to gain from the degree and how you will use the degree in the future to help your community
  • Women in STEM
  • Women in Business
  • Scholarships specifically designed for Aussies wanting to study overseas

Here at Study and Play USA, we are able to help your family find these unique scholarships. Once attending a university, student-athletes can access more scholarship that are not always evident in online research.

We love helping families access scholarships in all phases of the US college pathway. Reach out to us today with any questions!

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